1. Concentrated dose of natural ingredients.
  2. Stimulaties your organism function
  3. Alleviates excessive appetite.
  4. Detoxifies your body.
  5. Natural and simple way of losing weight.

How does Solviren work?

Solviren pills revolutionized the point of view on dieting. As much as 2 pills a day allow you to get rid of excess kilograms in only a few weeks. Contrary to dangerous fat burners, Solviren includes only natural ingredients, so it doesn’t cause any side effects. Solviren is not only a green coffee and African Mango extract, but also an essence of Garcinia Cambodia, green tea and raspberry ketone! It is the first specimen of this power on the market!

Solviren’s active ingredients

African Mango– Mango extract is a rich dose of fiber, which effectively reduces appetite and provides a feeling of fullness for longer. Solviren with concentrated African Mango extract guarantees an effective dieting!

Green coffeeThe secret of outstanding properties of the green coffee is a chlorogenic acid, which stimulates metabolism and regulates sugars burning.

How to use Solviren pills?

Recommended doses of Solviren, are 1 pill twice a day. It is advised to take a dose of supplement about 30 minutes before a meal. The first pill should be taken before breakfast and the second pill before dinner.

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Solviren supplement effects



Solviren pills facilitate fat burning, especially from around the waist and belly. Just a few weeks of treatment guarantee effects, which you can show off!

Hip and buttocks

Solviren helps to firm and shape up such neuralgic body parts as hips and buttocks. Just after a few days your pants size will shrink and your buttocks will be sexy and lifted.


Losing weight with Solviren helps you to burn fat from around your thighs without laborious and exhausting exercises.

Opinions – real doctors.
Real effects.


Małgorzata, 28 years old.

Solviren dietary pills change my figure completely. In a very short time and effortlessly I managed to lose more than 10 kilograms! Stunning effects motivated me to workout at the gym and a healthier diet. Thanks to Solviren, I feel happy in my body! The only negative is, that I had to buy new clothes, because old ones were too big!

Thanks to Solviren Pills
i lost 10 kg!

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